Friday, April 12, 2013

Pre-birthday Quesadillas

In 3 weeks, I will be completely done with my course work for my final semester of my undergraduate degree!! Can I just take a minute to say: WOOHOOO!! It has only taken me 2 extra years! Jeez!

That said, things have been pretty hectic. Go figure! I have a big chunk of school work I'm slowly picking away at... Slowly but surely! We're getting there! :)

Anyway, spring time is officially here in GA. It's so nice out! Staying in and doing school work is rough. Just check out these gorgeous flowers.
So lovely! 

As I'm sure you can imagine, little cooking has been happening--at least for me. My wonderful husband has taken my stress and busyness in stride by doing a bunch of the house stuff I usually do (cooking and cleaning and laundry--oh my!). He has, though, cooked up some pretty excellent stuff lately. Last night in particular he made me one of my all time favorite meals: quesadillas! 

The recipe is not an original. You can find it here, courtesy of The Tolerant Vegan. We make a couple [simple] changes, though. We substitute black beans (one can, drained and rinsed), use Follow Your Heart cheeses, and add in extra cilantro (you can never have enough!!). Then, we put it on gluten-free tortillas and cook 'em up on the griddle. 

Look at that magic! YUM!

They are so great. If you don't care for vegan cheese or cream cheese, just try this recipe out! Everyone loves this one. :)

Well, I gotta whole lot to do this weekend (plus, tomorrow's my birthday!) so I'll catch you later.