Friday, November 1, 2013

28-Week Update

Goodbye second trimester, hello and welcome third trimester!

Second trimester summary:
Since week 14, Flipper has doubled in length and grown from 5 ounces to about 2 pounds! She has started growing gorgeous red hair, and started getting nice and chubby! All of her senses are functional! I can’t believe how much she’s grown and developed already!

Through all of this, I have been feeling reasonably okay. My nausea went away at the beginning of the trimester, but my exhaustion has remained since about week six (no fun). As she’s been growing, so has my stomach! I get rounder every day; I’m surprised almost every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror!

My emotions have been a bit more… sensitive… this past week, but in my defense, it was a very stressful week!

This Week:
In my last post, I mentioned how nervous I was about my gestational diabetes-screening test. I took it last week and got the call on Thursday that I had, indeed, failed. As I’m sure you can imagine, I was pretty upset. Even though I logically know that I have no control over how my body processes sugar during pregnancy (everything goes crazy), I still felt like a big fat failure. I had to schedule a more in depth and accurate test for Monday.

Drew and I spent that whole morning in the doctor’s office. I had to fast the night before, come in first thing and have blood drawn, drink a sweeter drink, then have more blood drawn every hour until lunch time. It was not fun, but I got the call yesterday that I “passed” that one—no diabetes for me! I’m super grateful about that, but honestly, still irritated about the whole situation. It definitely doesn’t help me like doctors at all. Ugh.

The bruises look more epic in person. Promise.
And I seem to have contracted some sort of epic cold. Yuck yuck yuck! It always sucks to be sick, but treatment options are super-limited when you're growing a human inside of you. I'm hoping some natural remedies will work. Any tips? 

Third Trimester:
For the most part, I am SO happy to officially be in the third trimester. I feel so lucky and blessed to experience pregnancy, but at the same time, I am not enjoying it 90% of the time. I miss my energy! But there’s definitely nothing that compares to feeling the little one kick and flip around and seeing my stomach jump randomly. There are also times that I can look down and see big lumps poking out where she is just hanging out! It’s so weird! I remember just a month or so ago that my stomach felt like she was so tiny and barely in there, now I feel like it’s all her!


I’m happy and excited for the third trimester, though I hope that the nausea will stay away (I’ve heard a lot about it coming back towards the end) and that my fatigue doesn’t get worse (ick). I’ve also made a huge list of the millions of things that we need to get done in the next couple months. My hope is to have virtually everything done by Christmas, just in case she’s an early bird (but as she’s my daughter, I certainly don’t anticipate that). 

With my two baby girls
See you next week!